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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Sport is a common word used by us all. Don’t’ we all love playing a sport.. Majority of us love, grew up and watch sports being played. All of us has a different sport we love playing or watching these days. Sports brings people together when being watched at home, a stadium or at a playing field. Some of us follow a particular sports team for our entire lifetime. Many of us grew up playing different kind of sports with our friends, family, colleagues and others in our neighbourhood. A sports team or a country wining a major sports trophy brings a particular city or even country to a standstill with celebration when the sports star visits it after they have won.

What sports do you play, practice or watch on a regular basis?

We all play, practice or watch sports on a regular basis as it teaches us discipline, rules of the game, be inspired and gives us a wining mentality. Playing sports from a young age I learnt these key aspects of playing a sport and it helped me to learn and grow up with these qualities. My favourite sport is football, when you don’t see me playing it you can catch me watching the sport on T.V. Professional sport athletes in a specific sport are admired the world over. Their determination, focus to win, discipline effort and individual or team effort makes them reach where they are at.

Sports can be fun and challenging to play in different stages when an individual is practising it. There is no age to start play sports and can start when we decide to. From running around or walking in a garden to playing a discipline sports all of them require an effort. Sports teaches everyone how to win a game as well as accept defeat. Playing sports is a form of physical activity and helps the body to feel energized when is being played. Professional sports players practice day to day to achieve success in their field of sport in order to win trophies, medals and to achieve dreams they have lived for. As the famous saying all of us have heard that ‘Practice makes you better’, shows that through self-determination we all can enjoy and win at a sport we love.

Playing a sport brings about the best in an individual when he/she practices it, plays it and wins awards after putting in their effort over a long period. There are a variety of sports that you can start today playing and shouldn’t be restricted to just ones where there is a reward at the end. Practising a sport daily can bring about overall change in a person wellbeing and to perform other activities during the day as well. A walk, run, playing football/ cricket or other professional sports or even made-up sport games can be enjoyed by all on a daily basis. Sports has evolved over the years based on the rules of the game, recommendations from players of the sport or mangers of teams or even the public watching a sport. Visiting a favourite sports team and watching them play live is another feeling. The roar of excitement, joy and being present in a stadium cheering on your team is what sports is all about.

Be it a final match to win a trophy or a derby/ rival team match or even a country playing a match sports fans tune in to watch a match on a regular basis. There are so many professional sports being played the world over daily that it’s hard to keep track or even watch when you like to watch or enjoy sports being played or you are a sports lover. Playing sports increases your body stamina and helps one perform other activities during the day. Sports also helps in relaxation after a tiring day at work and playing it in a team helps in physical/ mental recovery.

Playing sports whether for fun or aiming to be a sportsperson you all should enjoy sports to the maximum. Sport activities has no boundaries and brings people together to watch, play and enjoy it being played. Professional sports athletes practice for many years from a young age to achieve success for a long time as it requires self-motivation, determination, support from family members or coaches. A sport being played should be enjoyed to the maximum as it can be a fun activity, relaxation and to become a professional at it. Sports should be just limited to games that are played in order to become a professional at it and the process of playing it, practising it should be enjoyed along the way.

Play a sport have fun Daily

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